Good Thnx + Slack

Enhance team culture and celebrate in real time

Celebrate in real time

Don’t wait until the next offsite to give kudos to a person/team, you can recognise it and call them out for it in the moment, in your workflow.

Enhance team culture

Boosting morale and engaging employees used to be so reliant on Friday drinks or work lunches or mini celebrations in the office - now, it's all done over Slack!

Deliver impact

Live your values by giving back to the community. Pay it forward and stand for something more by rewarding your people with purpose.

Simple /thnx commands with gratitude feed in your recognition channel

Feel happier in your workplace with Good Thnx + Slack and build deeper connections with your team by recognising the good in people and articulating their worth as colleagues even when distributed over many locations.

How Slack works
Slack sending a thnx with values

Align company values to each thnx

Enable your people to select company values that align with their recognition – this means people can connect what they observe in terms of your values in action, which takes them from being more than words on a page or wall to being lived!

Deliver impact to a curated allowlist of causes

Give your team the tool to have a real impact on the charities close to their heart. Good Thnx works with your curated causes to combine specific and incremental impact measures that communicate effectiveness back to your people, providing a powerful feedback loop.

❤'d by forward thinking companies

Easy Agile

“As a leadership team, we wanted to make sure we put Kasada on the right track early on when it came to us being a great member of our broader communities, and helping those in need. After looking at a few platforms to help us achieve this goal, Good Thnx was the obvious choice for us. Not only was the team great, but the product was unbelievably simple, and let us enable everyone on our team to have a real impact on the charities we are supporting.

Sam Crowther, Founder & CEO @ Kasada

How to install

Get an organisation account on Good Thnx, access your Dashboard > Integrations > Add to Slack!