No waste recognition and gifts

While well intended, recognition and gifting is really difficult and often misses the mark. We've created a much better way to celebrate and say thank you, with no waste.

Product hero thnx


Always on peer and leader recognition, also great for birthdays and work anniversaries. Responsive web and SSO with powerful dashboard analytics


Reinforce company values with simple thnx commands to start or enhance your recognition channel. Easy onboarding, activity digests and dashboard stats


Hundreds of local and international gift, giftcard and charity options. Batch sending for thousands of recipients. Ideal for EOY, awards and milestones.

Finally a recognition and gifting platform with purpose

People care deeply about where they work and what their impact is and it’s been shown that companies that integrate corporate citizenship into their business have 2.3x the employee retention and an increase of 29 percent in new hire commitment

Thinking more about how and where to give back delivers a competitive advantage in how you retain both talent and customers.

It really aligns with what people professionals have been sharing with us from their culture surveys – that employees not only want to be better recognised for their work, they want the recognition to be timely.

Always on

Peer and leader

Perfect for

Birthdays and work anniversaries

Timely and specific recognition only has to deliver a 1-2 hour uptick in productivity for the average employee over an entire year to pay for itself, so create a culture of early gratitude to get ahead of engagement and retention issues before they start. You’ll also save a lot of time and money – think rehiring – by having good people not leave prematurely.

In short, keep your best people by delivering recognition that doesn’t go to waste. By appreciating people you’ll improve culture, engagement and ultimately, retention 😊

Simple Slack /thnx commands to start or enhance your recognition channel

Feel happier in your workplace with Good Thnx + Slack and build deeper connections with your team by recognising the good in people and articulating their worth as colleagues even when distributed over many locations.

Give your team the tool to have a real impact on charities close to their heart. Good Thnx works with your curated causes to combine specific and incremental impact measures that communicate effectiveness back to your people, providing a powerful feedback loop.

Send a campaign to your team or thousands of customers at once

We take care of everything – never worry if postal addresses are up to date in your database again! Help the world and get your time back!

We created a tool that gives recipients choice and if they don’t want or need it, the gift amount goes to charity instead. It’s a win for you, win for them and a win for our planet.