Celebrate people with timely appreciation for every occasion

Pick and choose the occasions that suit

New hires

Welcome new starters and appreciate those who just missed out.

Add a gift or charity donation as part of starter packs, or say thank you to final interviewees that provided work samples, but didn’t get the job.

Better experience

Welcome and align new starters to your company culture.

First week impact

Plant trees, give meals to those in need – impact in their first week.

Employer of choice

Strengthen employer brand, even for those that missed out.

Timely thnx

Keep your best people by delivering timely recognition that doesn’t go to waste.

Inspiring success

Leaders acknowledging achievements strengthens and elevates teams.

Retention ROI

Save time and money – think rehiring – by having good people not leave prematurely.


Automated reminders to keep manager recognition on track.

In your workflow with responsive web, email and SSO with powerful dashboard analytics. By appreciating people you’ll improve culture, engagement and ultimately, retention.


Empower employees to recognise and reinforce company values to start or enhance your recognition program.

Feel happier in your workplace and build deeper connections with your team by recognising the good in people and articulating their worth as colleagues even when distributed over many locations.

Always connected

Maintain a culture of recognition no matter where your employees work, or the platform they use to communicate.

Values and cause alignment

Give your team the tool to reinforce company values and have a real impact on charities close to their heart. Curated causes to combine specific and incremental impact measures that communicate effectiveness back to your people, providing a powerful feedback loop.

Effortless start

Easy onboarding, activity digests, and insightful dashboard stats, to jumpstart recognition and track engagement.


Automated, in your workflow. Opt-out available.

Curated choices

Select from hundreds of curated options to make each anniversary special and memorable.

Beyond anniversaries

Perfectly adaptable for other significant yearly milestones such as birthdays, weddings and births.


Never miss an important milestone again.

Automated on the day of appreciation, rather than the end of month, or never at all.

Year end

While well intended, recognition and gifting is really difficult and often misses the mark.

Give recipient choice and if they don’t want or need a gift, the amount goes to charity instead – no more gifts being thrown in the bin!

Scaled celebrations

Make year-end recognition an effortless experience with our scheduler and campaign tools, designed for scalability.

Retention boost

Happy and appreciated people stay longer, saving your company money.

No waste

Gift / charity optionality and if the recipient doesn’t choose, it automatically goes to charity.


Tackle customer retention proactively with our unique gifting approach. We've created a much better way to celebrate and say thank you, with no waste.

We’ve achieved up to an impressive 80% engagement rate at scale, while still ensuring individual account leads are cc’ed on every communication, ensuring you’re equipped with actionable feedback ahead of renewal discussions.

Seasoned strategy

Optimal for end-of-year gifting, customer feedback, and renewals – enhancing customer engagement year-round.

Triple win

Give recipients choice and if they don’t want or need it, the gift amount goes to charity instead. It’s a win for you, win for them and a win for our planet.

High engagement

Experience an unrivalled engagement rate that goes far beyond just clicks or opens.

Global choices

Hundreds of local and international gift, giftcard and charity options.

Appreciation at scale

Batch sending for thousands of recipients.

Hassle-free delivery

We take care of everything – never worry if postal addresses are up to date in your database again!

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