Privacy Policy

1. Background

This privacy policy relates to how Good Thnx Pty Ltd (ACN 168 347 644) (‘Good Thnx’, ‘We’, ‘Our’ or ‘Us’) collects and handles Your information, including:

  1. how We collect and protect Your information;
  2. how We use Your information;
  3. disclosure of information;
  4. Our compliance with direct marketing and spam laws;
  5. information of offshore disclosure; and
  6. how You can correct information or complain about Our use of Your personal information.

When you use the App and/or Site, You consent to Our collection, use, and disclosure of information about you as described in this Privacy Policy.

2. Collection of personal information
  1. We will only collect information in accordance with the law and the Australian Privacy Principles. The 13 Australian Privacy Principles can be found here:
  2. To provide Our services to You, We will need to collect Your personal information so We can:
    1. provide, run, adapt and improve the Good Thnx Application (‘the App’) and any other websites, mobile sites, applications and services (‘Sites’) provided or otherwise made available to You by Good Thnx;
    2. customise promotional or advertising material made available via the App and/or Sites, including the use of social network mediums;
    3. contact You regarding the App and/or Sites;
    4. monitor Your use of the App and/or Sites; and
    5. inform You about goods and services that might interest You, (collectively ‘Primary Business’).
  3. When providing Our service to You, We will collect Your personal information from the following sources:
    1. information that You give Us by signing up to the App and/or Sites;
    2. information that You give Us by using the App and/or Sites, viewing Our electronic communications or by You sending Us electronic communication;
    3. information obtained by Our related third parties or authorised third party contractors;
    4. via social network mediums; and
    5. cookies on Your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are data that a website transfers to an individual computer’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies, which are industry standard and are used by most websites, including those operated by Us, can facilitate a user’s ongoing access to and use of a site. They allow Us to customise the website to Your needs. If You do not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows You to deny or accept the cookie feature. But You should be aware that denying the cookie feature may prevent the App and/or Sites working as intended (or at all).
  4. Collection will be made either through Our App and/or Sites, electronic communication or the social network medium that You use.
  5. The data We receive from You using social network mediums is dependent upon Your privacy settings with the social network. You should always review, and if necessary, adjust Your privacy settings on third-party websites and services before linking or connecting them to Our website or service.
  6. The information collected is only that which is necessary for the purpose of carrying on Our Primary Business.
  7. The Personal Information We collect from You is:
    1. Your name or profile information;
    2. mobile number;
    3. email contact;
    4. date of birth;
    5. Your image or profile picture;
    6. gender;
    7. Your preferred language;
    8. Your friends list and any other information You permit the social network medium to share with third parties;
    9. specific information about Your transactions through the App and/or Sites including details of the reasons why You “thank” people, how much You donate, to whom You donate and when and where donations occur; and
    10. other general data related to Our Primary Business. As a necessary part of providing our service we will also collect the email contact of any person that you “thank”.
  8. When You visit Our Sites, access the App or interact with Our electronic communication We may collect information about:
    1. Your computer’s or phone’s operating system;
    2. Your computer’s or phone’s browser type and capability;
    3. Your computer’s or phone’s Internet Protocol (IP) Address and geolocation;
    4. Web pages visited, including how You Were referred to each Web page;
    5. Web page usage statistics, including the time spent on each Web page; and
    6. Your computer’s or phone’s local time.
  9. Other than as part of Our Primary Business, in accordance with Our Terms of Use (‘Terms’ available here or where compelled by law, We will not identify users or their browsing activities.
  10. We take reasonable steps to protect Your Personal Information and to protect it from loss, misuse or unauthorised access, disclosure or modification. Reasonable steps are evaluated based on criteria including:
    1. the nature of Our business and the reason for collecting Your personal information;
    2. the nature and quantity of personal information held;
    3. the risk to individuals concerned if the personal information is not secured;
    4. Our current data handling practices; and
    5. the ease with which security measures can be implemented.

3. Collection of sensitive personal information
  1. We will not knowingly collect sensitive personal information about You without Your consent. For the purposes of this Policy, sensitive personal information includes:
    1. racial or ethnic origin;
    2. membership of a political association or political opinions;
    3. religious beliefs or affiliations;
    4. philosophical beliefs;
    5. membership of a professional or trade association;
    6. membership of a trade union;
    7. sexual preferences or practices;
    8. criminal record; or
    9. health / genetic / biometric information.

4. Use and disclosure of personal information
  1. We use Your personal information for the purpose of carrying on Our Primary Business including any other related activities and information that You may expect to be provided by us.
  2. We also use that information, for any related secondary purpose where You would reasonably expect us to use the information or where permitted by law.
  3. Entities that we are likely to disclose Your personal information to include:
    1. Our related bodies corporate;
    2. certain third parties who assist us in carrying on Our Primary Business, such as the developer of the Our App/Site, Our payment gateway, marketing, logistic and technology support providers; or
    3. anyone else who You authorise Us to make a disclosure to (including others who use Our App/Site and are able to view your activity feed).
  4. We may use Your personal information that We collect from social network mediums to let You know if Your friends are using Our App/Sites and to let Your friends know what You are doing on the App/Sites.

5. Direct marketing
  1. For the purposes of this policy, ‘direct marketing’ is the promotion of goods and services directly to You including through emails, SMS, phone calls and the post.
  2. We will not use or disclose Your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing material if You have previously told Us not to.
  3. We will not use Your personal information for the purpose of direct marketing unless We collected the information from You and You would reasonably expect that We would use or disclose the information for that purpose; or You have otherwise provided consent for us to do so.
  4. We will always provide You with a means for You to ‘opt out’ from receiving direct marketing from Us.
  5. If Your personal information is provided to Us by a third party, We may still use this information if it is impractical to, or We are not required to, obtain Your consent.
  6. If You do not want Us in the future to send You direct marketing material or wish to cancel a previous consent to send You direct marketing material, You can contact Us at and We will affect the change in a reasonable time.

6. Cross-border disclosure of personal information
  1. As part of Our Primary Business, disclosure of Your personal information will be made to third parties, including third parties located outside Australia. For example, our App and Site uses cloud based technology physically located in the United States of America.
  2. Where we disclose Your information to a foreign entity it is Our responsibility to ensure Your personal information is protected.

7. Your rights to correct, delete or complain
  1. At any time You can contact Us and seek access to or correction of the personal information We hold about You.
  2. We will take reasonable steps to correct Your personal information upon Your request.
  3. You can request that we delete your data by emailing .
  4. If You wish to complain about a breach of Your rights under Australian privacy laws, please contact Us at and provide details of Your complaint in writing.
  5. We will respond to any complaint within 30 days. If You are not happy with Our response You can complain directly to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

8. Slack (app)
  1. Data retention policy: Personal data that is collected and processed is not held or further used unless for reasons that are clearly stated (as per 2, 3, 4 and 5) and agreed to in advance to support data privacy.
  2. Data archival / removal policy: We provide users with a mechanism to request to delete, access and transfer an individual’s data (as per 7).
  3. Data storage policy: Personal data is collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and kept for no longer than necessary for the purposes of processing (as per 2 and 4).