The impact that started from two $1 lemonade ice blocks

It started from a simple idea - when someone does good, say thanks with a donation allocated to a charity of choice.

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Our tech has sent $1.3M to charity

We've grown a lot and expanded the platform, but the founding principles have always remained - with Good Thnx you can be sure the gifts you give have an impact, the recipient has choice, and when they choose a charity, the full amount will get there without a cut being taken


Envato x Good Thnx Employee Campaign

In the grand scheme of things, it had been a good year for Envato. The leadership team recognised that while they have so much to be thankful for, others in the community had not been as fortunate and wanted to facilitate a way for the company to add to its giving at the end of the year.

In the spirit of giving, each employee received an amount to allocate to a preferred charity, or split evenly across Envato’s allowlist of charities that were selected to align with their mission. Donations contributed to over 7,000 meals for the homeless through OzHarvest, 800 trees planted through Carbon Positive Australia and 200 books gifted into the hands of children in remote communities through The Indigenous Literacy Foundation.


800 native trees planted in Australia

Carbon Positive Australia

200 books gifted to rural communities

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

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Google x Good Thnx Customer Campaign

Sending holiday gifts to thousands of customers was creating a burden for administrative staff and there was inconsistency throughout teams on the type of gifts given. Finding a gift that would suit everyone while also aligning with the Google brand proposition was almost impossible, and we would still need to account for the waste this would generate.

For the past five years we have worked with Google to give choice to their large customer segment for holiday gifting. Gifts are sourced from local suppliers and causes are selected from a subset of foundations approved by Google.


SAGE x Good Thnx

The people team wanted to improve engagement and bring feedback and recognition items together at time of performance review. Previous recognition was lost in emails or not captured at all. The solution had to tie-in SAGE’s corporate charity partners.

SAGE implemented the Good Thnx platform for peer recognition, which includes company values alignment, impact reporting and friendly data exports to sync with their engagement and performance provider.

SAGE Group use Good Thnx given its absolute alignment to our intention to have a greater impact in our community.

Our team has leveraged the tool to provide recognition and appreciation of other team members on a daily basis! This has been particularly helpful in growing deeper connections given we are distributed over many locations both in Australia and overseas. We understand that sharing appreciation, seeing the good in people and articulating the worth they have as a colleague and human, has a beautiful impact on our people in terms of their wellbeing.

Our team members have described feeling happier in their work resulting from this appreciation. Our team has also shared that they have experienced increased recognition since the launch of Good Thnx – a great outcome.

We have input our organisational values into Good Thnx to enable our people to select one or more of the values that their recognition and/or appreciation aligns to – this has meant our people can articulate what they observe in terms of our values ‘in action’ which takes them from being more than words on a page/ wall to being lived!

Lesley Marchioro, General Manager @ SAGE Group

Easy Agile x Good Thnx with Slack

The founders wanted to reinforce company values, which include Give Back, as well as practically including the broader team in the company’s profit pledge.

Through Good Thnx’s Slack app Easy Agile are using donation as a reward type, enabling employees to recognise actions that align with company values. Recipients choose from a company aligned allowlist of causes, with the thnx also appearing in a live gratitude feed via a consolidated #thnx channel in the team’s workspace.

Pledge 1%

We’re proud to be an early signee to Pledge 1%, an easy way to leverage a portion of your future success to support nonprofits in your community. It’s a small commitment today that can make a huge impact tomorrow. The sooner you start, the easier it is – so join your fellow founders by making a pledge today!


We have pledged 1% of product to charity. We don't take a cut from charities and there's no platform fee for them to be listed as a recipient.


We have pledged 1% of company profit to charity and are proud that many of our current customers have taken the pledge too.

Staff Time​

We have pledged 1% of our employee time to charity for them to contribute to charity projects, free to charge.


Our founders have pledged 1% of their equity in Good Thnx to charity in the event of an exit.

“Using Good Thnx enables our team members to participate in our Pledge 1% Profit giving and share how their team mates live up to our values.”

Nicholas Muldoon, Co-founder & Co-CEO @ Easy Agile