An innovative recognition suite for your workforce

Expanding appreciation, enhancing engagement, elevating impact

Diverse channel engagement

Recognition where it resonates​
Our recognition system has been designed for blue-collar and hybrid workforces, offering a variety of channels for engagement. Whether through direct text notifications or onsite QR posters for instant feedback, we ensure every team member is reached through their preferred channel.

Unifying multiple organisations

Collaborative recognition across workforces.
We have created a way to bridge recognition across multiple organisations and projects. Our full-service recognition and engagement package fosters a collaborative culture, ensuring that appreciation and rewards flow seamlessly, reinforcing shared goals and values.

Purpose driven outcomes

Commitment to sustainability and wellbeing​.
We amplify the impact of each recognition item by giving back. Turning every 'thnx' into a step towards sustainability with tree planting initiatives, or contributing to mental health support in construction - tying in corporate responsibility, belonging and appreciation.

Specifically designed for field, retail and service workforces to empower a values in action culture

Drive efficiency, safety leadership, and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget

We’ve translated our tech sector engagement success to blue-collar and hybrid workplaces. Our tools fit your environment: SMS, web portals, kiosks, QR codes, or cards — we connect in ways that work for your team.

Our approach is simple. Make every employee feel valued without pushing them out of their communication comfort zone. For sectors like mining, energy, construction, and with partners like Origin and Enerven, this means not just less turnover, but also better morale and operational savings — directly improving your bottom line.

Our unique approach to recognition

Diverse channel engagement

Unifying multiple organisations

Hug heart

Purpose driven outcomes


Designed for hybrid

Core values activation

Our recognition system is putting your company's values in action. Witness as safety becomes second nature, and excellence becomes the standard.

Efficiency gains

Engaged employees show up to 22% higher productivity. When teams feel appreciated, they're more precise, diligent, and less prone to errors that cause delays and waste.

Safety leadership

Recognise and appreciate workers who demonstrate positive safety behaviours, identify high risk issues, or submit innovative ideas and solutions to problems.

Recognition impact

See the numbers speak: Data-driven recognition programs have slashed turnover rates by 30% and amplified employee engagement scores.

Blue-collar specific channels

Choose the channels that best fit your message and your workforce

Text notifications

Tailored for the blue-collar workforce, text notifications are the perfect tool for on-the-go appreciation, bypassing the need for laptops and seamlessly integrating into daily work.

Printed cards

Personal and heartfelt, hand-personalised cards and thoughtful gifts cards offer a tangible expression of gratitude that employees cherish.

Onsite QR posters

Accessible and engaging, QR-coded posters transform physical spaces into interactive points of appreciation, connecting the workforce with digital recognition.

Interactive kiosks

User-friendly and inviting, interactive kiosks placed within the work area offer a simple and quick way for workers to send appreciation on the go.

Digital platforms

Versatile and work with any device, web-enabled forms, submission portals, and emails provide a platform for public or private appreciation and the sharing of success stories.

Cultivate recognition, cultivate growth

Supporting a learning organisation

Timely nudges

Look around, spot the effort!

Encouraging teams to 'look around and spot the effort' fosters a culture of active engagement and attentiveness.

On channels that suit your workforce

Our values in action? Acknowledge it

When employees embody company values through their actions, acknowledging them reinforces those norms across the team.

Awards chosen by leaders

diverse workforce

Leaders elevate, set a standard for all

Leaders who champion recognition set a powerful precedent. Visible celebration underscores the value of every contribution and benchmarks success for all.

Monthly digests and impact

Shaping our norms, repeat preferred behaviour

Consistently recognising desired behaviours and repeating the acknowledgement reinforces a standard and encourages others to adopt similar practices.

Reap the rewards

Efficiency, safety leadership, and projects delivered on time and within budget

Reduce delays

Project delays are a critical financial concern, with overruns potentially leading to a 10% to 30% rise in total project costs. For example, a $50 million project expected to span three years could accrue daily costs of $45,662.

Less safety incidents

In Australia, workplace injuries among blue-collar workers carry substantial costs, averaging around $41,000 per incident. This encompasses direct expenses like medical fees and lost wages but doesn’t account for the indirect costs that can escalate the financial impact, including lost productivity and higher insurance premiums.

Minimise turnover

Replacing a key employee can significantly impact the bottom line, with costs ranging between 20-50% of the worker's annual salary, varying by role, when accounting for recruiting, onboarding, and lost productivity.

More effectiveness

Disengaged employees can lead to a 20% productivity loss, prone to errors, and have a higher likelihood of leaving. Engaged employees typically exhibit heightened motivation, commitment and job satisfaction, all of which contribute to superior productivity levels.