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The easy and impactful choice when sending gifts to people that matter to your business.

No waste, 100% impact

Expertly curated

Perfect for any occasion

Hundreds of gift options that people love and align to your mission

While well intended, recognition and gifting is really difficult and often misses the mark. We've created a much better way to celebrate and say thank you, with no waste.

Perfect for distributed teams

Over 500 eGift cards and global charity options

Elevate your relationships at every occasion

Maximise engagement, build stronger relationships and make the people that matter feel recognised at important moments


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Work anniversaries

Employee awards

human holding welcome sign

New hires

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Quarter/year effort


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Winning a new client

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Year-end thank you

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Business referrals

Make a difference by reducing the billions wasted on unwanted gifts

Some unfortunate truths about the gifting industry

1 in 3

gift cards never get redeemed

If you regularly send gift cards, stats show that one in three will never get redeemed. At $50 per card, that’s a whopping $17 kept by the provider.

hand holding rubbish bag

1 in 5

gifts end up in landfill

Picking the right gift is hard because people have different preferences and personal situations, including health and cultural beliefs.

gift being resent with arrows around it

1 in 10

gifts need to be resent

10% of your address database goes out of date every year and resending is costly from an economic, time and environmental perspective.

Meaningful and sustainable gifting made effortless

With Good Thnx you can be sure the gifts you give are impactful, the recipient has choice, and when they choose a charity, the full amount will go there without a cut being taken

Expert curation

Our selection of gifts is thoughtfully curated to ensure meaningful and personalised gifting experiences for your employees and customers.

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Effortless scaling

We take care of everything, making it easy for businesses to send thousands of gifts, never worry if postal addresses are up to date in your database again!

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No Waste!

Our approach to gifting ensures that every thnx makes a positive impact on the world. If the recipient doesn't make a selection the gift amount goes to charity.

Big customers, big success! Building lasting connections

Leading engagement

80% engagement rate with customers and employees. Not just open or click through, actually make a selection.

Save time and effort

Take the administrative burden off your shoulders, saving you time and effort in gifting logistics.

Make an impact

So far we've saved over 39,000 gifts from ending up in landfill, helping to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Strengthen relationships

Cultivate strong relationships with the people who matter most to your business, your customers and employees.