Easy Agile pledges 2.5% with the Good Thnx Slack integration

Easy Agile pledges 2.5% with the Good Thnx Slack integration

We love to see it! Slack has just published a new customer story with mutual customer Easy Agile, who are using our apps to build culture through giving.

“We actually give well and truly above our Pledge 1% at 2.5% because the giving is so effortless with the Good Thnx Slack application.”

Let’s say a team member gives a great customer interview, shares an insight or up levels the team in some way: A peer can easily use the Good Thnx app to recognise them in Slack, and connect it directly to one of the company’s values, like “Be the customer,” “Punch above our weight,” “Give back” or “Commit as a team.” The recognised employee can then donate money from the 1% profit pool to the charity of their choice.

Every team member has a daily pool to give to the charity of their choice. “Let’s say you give thanks today. Tomorrow your pool is going to be replenished,” says Muldoon. “Whenever you want to recognise that someone’s lived up to one of our values, you just type the slash command.” It helps Easy Agile enforce their values and empowers employees to do good. “That kind of purpose is particularly important today for younger team members in their 20s,” says Muldoon, who has seen greater employee engagement, happiness and sense of belonging—which all contribute to better retention rates.

Good Thnx makes it especially easy and hassle-free: When you donate through the app, the giver avoids all credit card payment processing fees. “We give more – and recognise each other more – because it’s so easy with the Good Thnx Slack integration,” says Muldoon. As of January 2023, Easy Agile’s team of 40 has sent 1,667 Thnx in Slack, and company values had been attributed a whopping 2,753 times.

Read the full customer story over on Slack’s website