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“This kind of purpose is particularly important today for younger team members in their 20s, and since implementing Good Thnx we've seen greater employee engagement, happiness and sense of belonging - which all contribute to better retention rates”​
Nick Muldoon​
Co-founder and Co-CEO, Easy Agile​
"We've input our organisational values into Good Thnx to enable our people to select one or more that their recognition aligns to – this has meant our people can articulate what they observe in terms of our values ‘in action’ which takes them from being more than words on a page/ wall to being lived!"
Lesley Marchioro
Group Executive - People & Culture, SAGE Group

Recognition that works!

Creating a culture of appreciation

Happy and appreciated people stay longer, saving your company money

It’s clear from employee surveys and exit interviews that people want to be better recognised. Only 24% of employees feel acknowledged for their contributions[1], significantly adding to quiet quitting and resignations.

We are here to change this by making it easy to give timely and specific recognition for great work and milestones, without breaking the bank.

[1] Gartner HR Research Reveals 82% of Employees Report Working Environment Lacks Fairness

Industry leading engagement [2] with real business and societal outcomes

People care deeply about where they work and what their impact is. Companies that think more about giving back have a clear competitive advantage in how they engage and retain both talent and customers.

Good Thnx features hundreds of local and international gift and donation options that your people love and can be tailored to ensure alignment with your brand, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

[2] 84% engagement: 2022 Envato employee campaign
79% engagement: 2021 Google customer campaign

Doing good, doing different!

Boost your company's success and gain an edge with Good Thnx
Top employee and customer gifts that maximise value, save you time and reduce waste
Micro amounts and adjustable usage limits to fit any budget
No waste, 100% impact! Unclaimed thnx go to charity after 30 days
Cause alignment to make your team feel seen and aid belonging
Dedicated success team to help design and deliver your tailored program

Simple and powerful thnx for every relationship

Personalising your program for maximum impact

High frequency recognition to empower your team and create huge impact

Boost morale, increase productivity and celebrate in real time with our always on leader to team and peer to peer recognition system. Our micro donation feature offers a simple, yet powerful variable reward framework to foster a culture of appreciation and give back. By appreciating people you improve culture, engagement and ultimately, retention 😀

Value alignment, not tokenism

Reinforce company values with simple thnx commands to start or enhance your recognition channel. Easy onboarding, activity digests and dashboard stats for deep insights into engagement, performance and the actions and causes your people truly care about.

Celebrate milestones and achievements with timely appreciation through the gift of choice

While well intended, recognition and gifting is really difficult and often misses the mark. We’ve created a tool that gives recipients choice and if they don’t want or need a gift, the amount goes to charity instead – no more gifts being thrown in the bin! It’s a win for you, them and our planet. We take care of everything – sending to one, or thousands of recipients, reporting and distributing to worthy causes – relieving you of all admin burdens.

Go as wide or personal as you need with public, private and channel privacy

Good Thnx provides flexibility in recognition options to suit user preferences and confidentiality around how they’d like to be recognised, ensuring your people feel valued and appreciated in the way that suits them best. 

Choose to make your recognition items public, private, or contained within a specific channel for a more targeted approach. Don’t wait until the next offsite to give kudos to the team – recognise and call them out for it in the moment, in your workflow.

Everything you expect

Class leading features that fit your needs and budget
Stay in the loop with feeds, digital signage, personalised notifications and impact digests
Celebrate and recognise at scale with our event calendar & campaign tool
An analytics dashboard designed to export and sync seamlessly with your HR systems
Flexibility across all devices with responsive apps & our innovative Slack bot
Streamline your login process and enhance security with our SSO integrations

Every employee you lose costs your business nearly a year’s salary

Losing an employee prematurely is expensive. We've calculated the average rehiring cost of losing an employee:

loss to your business
loss to your business
The breakdown
Recruitment (external)
$5k – $15k
junior – senior
Exit process
Lost training & development
Variable inefficiencies
49% – 79%
% of annual salary junior – senior
  • Employee filling-in while the position is vacant
  • Lost productivity of fill-in employee
  • Lost departmental productivity
  • Severance and benefits continuation
  • Lost knowledge, skills and contacts
  • Decreased employee productivity
  • Minus salary savings for departing employee

Note: These estimates are based on industry data and may vary depending on your company’s specific circumstances.

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