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Billions wasted

in unwanted gifts each year globally

1 in 3

gift cards are never redeemed​

If you regularly send gift cards, stats show that one in three will never be redeemed. At $50 per card, that’s a whopping $17 swallowed by providers.​

1 in 5

gifts end up in landfill

Picking the right gift is hard because people have different preferences and personal situations, including health and cultural beliefs.

1 in 10

gifts are sent to the wrong address

10% of your address database goes out of date every year. Resending is costly from an economic, time and environmental perspective.

There's a better way

How we're different

Choice for all

Hundreds of local and impactful gift options, eGift cards and charity partners around the globe so gifts stop being thrown in the bin.

30 day time out

Not everyone wants that gift card you’re sending. Make a selection within 30 days, or the $ value goes to charity. Every gift makes someone happy.

Delivery efficiency

Each address is confirmed prior to sending gifts, or if they select a charity, 100% gets to that cause.


Peer and leader recognition

Web app

Boost morale and increase productivity. We are built from the ground up to provide specific and timely recognition, giving employees choice to either give to charity, or receive a gift for themselves.

Secure and accessible on any device

How Slack works

Slack app

Enhance team culture and celebrate in real time with Good Thnx + Slack.

Don’t wait until the next offsite to give kudos to a person/team, you can recognise it and call them out for it in the moment, in your workflow.

Simple and powerful

Campaigns: Thank customers and recognise employees

How it works: Choose a mix of charities and/or gifts, customise your campaign and we take care of the rest!

We’ve created tools to give recipients choice and if they don’t want or need it, the gift amount goes to charity instead. It’s a win for you, win for them and a win for our planet.

Perfect tool for large scale

A few easy steps to get started

We take care of everything - sending, reporting and distributing to worthy causes - relieving you of all admin burdens.